Ask Terry Questions Engaged Couple Considering Savings Account Option

Engaged Couple Considering Savings Account Option

By Terry Savage on August 26, 2016 | Wild Card

Hello Ms. Savage, Thank you for taking the time to answer our question. We are newly engaged and are looking to setup a savings account, what are our best options? Suggestions? Advice? Thanks !

Terry Says

I'm glad you're thinking about financial things before you get married!   A savings plan is important, but only part of the big picture.  If you'll send mean email with your mailing address, I'll send you a copy of my recent book:  The  New Love Deal:  Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In or Moving On!   My co-authors are a famous divorce attorney and a divorce court judge for 20years.  We covered all those issues!  Those reading this can find it on  (click that link to go directly to the page on Amazon.)



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