By Terry Savage on November 22, 2015 | Housing / Real Estate

Refinanced in 2013. Ocwen Mortgage bought the contract. They raised my monthly payment by $160 a month.said I was behind in escrow.Went from $1470 to $1634 a month.They said after a year my payment would go back to $1470.When they raised it , they said if I paid about $1150 that my payment would go to $1513 a month.In the meantime, my property taxes went up $500 a year and homeowners went up $50 a year.I believe that is where $1513 comes from. After all this time I’m paying $1593 a month.Can you help?

Terry Says:  If your credit is good, you may be able to help yourself by doing another refinancing.  Contact my mortgage guru Leslie Struthers —  Something sounds fishy about the deal you have now.  And likely your home has risen in value in the past two years, making a refi even more attractive.  But do it before the Fed raises rates in December!



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