Ask Terry Questions Estate Planning — Need Attorney

Estate Planning — Need Attorney

By Terry Savage on April 21, 2017 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I need help finding an attorney who specializes in estate planning. I am single and have no family. Its very important that I make my final arrangements with someone that I can trust.

Terry Says

There are several ways to find an estate planning specialist you can trust.  You can always ask your bank to make a recommendation.  Or you can go to -- the website of the estate planning bar -- to find an estate planning attorney in your state. But please don't go in blindly.  I probably should write another column, but I wrote extensively about this topic in The Savage Truth on Money , which is available now at a huge discount on Amazon!  (I don't promote my own stuff, so I won't even post a link!)  But I urge you to read it -- and make some decisions BEFORE you consult an attorney.  As a single person, you nee dto name someone as an executor, and think about who will be beneficiaries of things like your retirement plan at work,  etc.



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