Ask Terry Questions Everbank and Europacific

Everbank and Europacific

By Terry Savage on August 13, 2014 | Investments

In the past I believe you had a positive attitude towards Everbank. Is that still the case?

Also – any opinion about Europacific?

Terry Says:  I started writing about Everbank probably 20 years ago, because of their unique prodeucsts.  Since then, Everbank has grown into a huge and very successful bank, noted for its offerings that allow you to invest your money in FDIC-insured CDs in  different currencies, receiving the interest rates as if you were at a bank in that country.  But you can make or lose money on these CDs if currency values have changed when you decide to convert back into dollars — or into some other currency.

Over the years Everbank has grown into a much larger institution, with a brokerage division offering other financial products and services. As always, you must understand the product you are investing in, the risks as well as potential rewards, and the fees being charged.    I don’t know anything  about “Europacific” —

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