Ask Terry Questions Family home bought 4 back taxes

Family home bought 4 back taxes

By Terry Savage on January 04, 2024 | Wild Card

I am a long-time disabled senior—income stopped after 32 years—still living in family home. Like others, having major financial difficulties trying my best 2 cope. Delinquency in back real estate taxes allowed someone 2 “purchase” my home!! Extremely distressed. Is it true if I file Chapter 13 BK, that he cannot take possession (I’ve forgotten exactly when)? Thanks, Terry. (Am big fan of yours on WGN AM radio.)

Terry Says

Oh this is terrible. My best suggestion is to call attorney Kerry Peck. He is our WGN elder law specialist. His number is 312-201-0900. Tell the secretary that answers that I told you to call and say it is an emergency. And please write back and let me know what happens. Or give Kerry permission to tell me your story. Do that immediately!



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