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Hi Terry,
My son submitted the FASFA in early January 2024 before I could sign as a parent. This was a mistake on our part although the FASFA should have not allowed him to submit if it’s pending the parents signing off first. Anyway, we were told that FASFA submissions would not be processed until mid-March, earliest … so we had to wait. Finally, his form was processed with the correction required. Now, it’s April 10th and every time I log in (as parent) and trying to accept my son’s invitation, I’m getting the notice “We expect that online corrections will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check your FASFA submission summary to review your responses and see your eligibility information”. Which none of this is possible since his form is considered incomplete. We’re only hoping to get the federal subsidized or unsubsidized loans, but why is this taking so ridiculously long? And are we in jeopardy now of being too late for any aide (loans included) at all?

Terry Says

The entire FAFSA process was totally screwed up by a completely new form. Every high school senior is waiting –as are all the colleges — for the forms to be processed!
This is one of many, many articles explaining what’s going on:


And I honestly don’t know what advice to give you at this point. The real issue is not whether you will be able to get a Federal student loan. You know if you qualify for even an unsubsidized loan. The real question is what financial aid –perhaps in addition to the Federal loan — your son’s school will offer for the year ahead. That lets you make a decision about where he should attend.

And everyone’s waiting for that! BUT, if for some reason you don’t get any access to Federal Student loans because of this glitch, please write back and I promise to make a federal case out of it!

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