Ask Terry Questions Federal tax refund

Federal tax refund

By Terry Savage on May 12, 2023 | Taxes & Economy

I just found out my refund was sent to my bank on 4-25-23. I haven’t seen it. Now, I realized that since I filed last year, I closed that checking account and opened another one in the same bank. My CPA said if I try calling to be prepared to be on the phone waiting for hours. And still might not get it sorted out. Any suggestions.

Terry Says

Go to and search for it under “where’s my refund.”
It will take a while for it to be sent back into your account.
You can also open a TreasuryDirect “” account to see when that happens.
And yes, if you call, be prepared to wait!! Check first with that bank and see if they can track when it hit, and when it was sent back.



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