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Federal tax return

By Terry Savage on October 10, 2021 | Economy & Taxes

Sorry to be a pest but I have emailed my questions 2 times and I have not received an answer. I feel you have not received my previous emails.

We electronically filed our 2020 federal and state returns on April 13, 2021. To date we have not received our federal tax refund. I have checked the IRS website daily and it states they are still processing our return. Please advise. Thank you.

Terry Says

Sorry, I’ve been away and having trouble catching up on all those questions that piled up!
So you filed in April, electronically — but did you give them your direct deposit information at your bank?
If not, that might be the reason for the delay.

But you are not alone– and their Where’s my Refund site doesn’t get updated too frequently! Many people are still waiting for refunds. Yours will come, along with a separate check/deposit for 3% interest dating back to last April. I know that is small consolation to people who needed that refund money.

The only thing you can do is be patient — AND be sure you are not overpaying this year so you don’t have to worry about a refund next year!



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