Ask Terry Questions Federal tax withholdings amount

Federal tax withholdings amount

By Terry Savage on March 21, 2024 | Wild Card

Hello, my question is about my payroll deduction on federal tax. My employer is only taking out .31 on federal taxes so I went into the office and asked why, and had them take out 20.00 more so this last pay they deducted 20.31. The response from hr was she don’t know why, and when I call the main office I go through a series of different numbers to press get put on hold then a busy signal, is there any thing I can do last year I ended up paying 1700.00 and this year was a little better only paid 600. Thank you,

Terry Says

That’s strange and inappropriate. Ask if you can increase the number of withholdings. To do that you have to complete a new Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, and submit it to your employer. On line 4(c) you can specify the extra amount you want to have withheld.
Put that request in writing to the HR department as well as in an email to the person in charge. And send yourself a copy of both the written and emailed request. Ask for them to confirm the change to you both by email and in writing.

If the company refuses to adjust, they are in violation of IRS rules. You might not want to make that threat though, if you want to keep your job! I hope that just this serious, written request will get to the correct people.



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