Ask Terry Questions Fidelity Rollover 401 position page

Fidelity Rollover 401 position page

By Terry Savage on January 22, 2024 | Chicken Money

I rolled over my 401 into a Fidelity rollover IRA. All or most of my money is in CD’S. I’ve always received the full interest at the mature date of each CD. The position page shows a gain/loss per day and total gain/loss. I’ve never suffered a loss. These amounts are small and change daily. Whate to they mean and what is their purpose. Thank you.

Terry Says

Are you sure you purchased CDs through Fidelity brokerage for your IRA? I’m doubtful. Please write back and explain exactly what your account says you own. CDs do not change value daily. Nor do Money Market funds. So Ican’t guess at what you purchased.



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