Ask Terry Questions Fiduciary financial advisor in mchenry/lake co il.

Fiduciary financial advisor in mchenry/lake co il.

By Terry Savage on May 14, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I’m concerned about both my traditional and Roth IRAs with Merrill Lynch. It seems they charge fees comparable to any/all the interest I accrue. Need fiduciary financial planner referrals in mchenry/lake co il. Considering switching to Vanguard?

Terry Says

Well, Vanguard would likely to be less expensive — and if you don’t need advice, then go ahead and do the rollover. But read this first:

But if you really want to find a FIDUCIARY financial advisor, FEE-ONLY, then go through the Wealthramp process to get matched. Read this to find out how that works.
It goes beyond investment advice to true financial planning for retirement, estate planning, tax advice,etc — all from qualified and vetted fiduciary advisors. This is “” for money!

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