Ask Terry Questions File Tax return for low income senior?

File Tax return for low income senior?

By Terry Savage on April 20, 2013 | Taxes & Economy

I am now my mother’s legal power of atty since my sister died last year. My mother is in a nursing home with dementia, gets SSI, a small – less than $150/mo – and a nontaxable VA spousal benefit. I have no record of any recent tax filings made by my sister for either Calif or the Feds and wonder if I need to file a 1040 for my mother.

SAVAGE SAYS: For 2012, the minimum income required for a single person over age 65 to file a tax return was $11,200. The amount depends on your filing status and age. Here is a link to the full requirements for 2012 returns:?

That amount is likely to be adjusted upward slightly for 2013 income tax returns, which will be filed in April, 2014.

And if you contribute to your mother’s support, you may even be able to take her as a dependent on your tax return. Consult your tax advisor.;



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