Ask Terry Questions Financial Advice in Retirement years

Financial Advice in Retirement years

By Terry Savage on April 01, 2017 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am retired and so far very blessed to own rental properties. However I am looking for Financial advise on how to protect my savings from losses in the market and where can I best protect that savings and yet get some growth to keep up with inflation. I have read your column in the Sunday UT, you have very good advice and a strong background in personal finance. Could you give me direction on where I could start to get good financial advice and willing to pay for that advice Thank you

Terry Says

Good advice is definitely worth paying for.  But you need to know something about investing to be able to judge the quality of the advice you receive.   There is no way to protect against losses in the stock market -- except being OUT of the market.  And if you're wrong about the timing, you could miss a lot of upside.  Many people did just that when they sold stocks before the most recent election! So the art form of investing is to diversify your exposures to risk.  Real estate has its own risks, and balances out stock market risk.  Remember that you will pay for advice -- either in upfront commissions or in fees.  Either can impact your returns over the long run.   By now, you see I am ducking your question.  I don't give individualized advice, b ut if you want to learn more about finding an advisor you can trust, I suggest you start at a wonderful new website --   And please read some of the other Q&As on this section of my website in the "financial planning" category.   You will see I am very consistent in my advice -- and have listed other reserouces.

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