Ask Terry Questions Financial Advice — Vanguard a good deal?

Financial Advice — Vanguard a good deal?

By Terry Savage on July 18, 2018 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry:
I am considering having Vanguard manage and oversee my investments in their company. They charge .03% annually for managing my funds. I would be dealing with a CFP, they abide by the Fiduciary Rule and just charge the annual .03% flat fee and no commissions. I have looked at financial advisors at company J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley but their investments are all over the board, they appear to be motivated to make constant investment changes/commisions and the amount of commissions they charge appears to be difficult to discern when I have reviewed my father-in-law’s statements. So I am thinking Vanguard may be the better choice, albeit it is all within the Vanguard family. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

Terry Says

I think that’s a good idea! Just stay on top of the “asset allocation” — making sure you also have a cash reserve so you don’t panic in a market decline.

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