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By Terry Savage on January 06, 2024 |

I am turning 70 this month and retiring. My husband was in car accident with brain injury when he was 58. I have worked hard to support us, save and pay off all debt. We have 4 different Ira accounts. I need to consolidate and find an adviser I can trust. My problem, I don’t trust any of them. Right after husband s accident I was talked into annuity that only gave him a Hugh commission. Help.

Terry Says

I’m sorry for your loss. There is a service that I trust completely and is designed to help people in your situation.
Please read this article:

Pam Krueger who created Wealthramp has become a good friend. She is essentially a “matchmaker” for people seeking trusted FIDUCIARY (putting your interests first) advisors that she has carefully vetted.

Please write back and let me know how this works out.

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