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Financial advisor changing broker services

By Terry Savage on January 22, 2024 | Investments

My husband and I are retired. Have been with one financial advisor for years.
We received a packet of info and forms stating they are changing who they are using for their Broker/Dealer services. They have most recently been with LPL and are now changing to Stifel.
There are so many forms and information I feel overwhelmed. We will continue to read and research, (which right now sounds like a full time job) but I don’t know where best to turn for advice. Any comments or advice will be appreciated. I thoroughly enjoy listening to you on WGN.
Thank you,

Terry Says

This is just a record-keeping change and shouldn’t impact your investments. Stick with your advisor if you like him or her. And just ask where to sign on the forms. It has nothing to do with your investments, and everything to do with “back office” services to the broker.



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