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Financial Advisor information

By Terry Savage on December 05, 2015 | Investments

Hi Terry,

I wrote to you recently after leaving my advisor and moving money to Vanguard. However, Vanguard seems to like to recommend indexing only, and I would like to have an advisor to work with on my portfolio. Does anyone “consult” anymore for a fee, or has everyone gone to 1% portfolio management? I would appreciate your thoughts about finding a new advisor that could work with me rather than just take over all my assets, if that is possible. If not, where should I look for a good firm to go with for wealth management? Thank you.

Terry Says:  Do you think an advisor can “beat” the market indexes?  Last year, according to Morningstar, 86% of paid professional mutual fund managers failed to beat their benchmark index!!  I suggest you leave the bulk of your money in diversified Vanguard index funds — and if you want to play games picking stocks,  take a small amount and put it in a Vanguard brokerage account where you can buy individual stocks and see how well you do vs the market!   I’m not putting down investment advisors.  It’s just that you have to be right twice — first in picking the market, and second in picking stocks.  Why not do it the easy way?



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