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Financial Advisor on Radio has bad Background Check!

By Terry Savage on December 26, 2016 | Wild Card

Hello, Terry. My husband and I are met a financial advisor who has a radio show on WBBM. I searched the SEC website and the disclosure information showed that this individual has two regulatory events, one customer dispute and one termination. Based on this discovery, we are not comfortable proceeding with this individual. Our question is: how can a person be on the radio talking about investing yet he has complaints against him? Look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Terry Says

Anyone can "buy" time on a radio station, if he/she is willing to pay the price.  That makes me so angry!  These people take the good reputation of a radio station and the employees/guests that are bound by ethics -- and simply by appearing on the air, they seem to have an air of credibility.  Good for you for checking farther into this!  But stations often sell air time that has low value -- late night, weekends, etc. -- to make money!



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