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Financial advisor recommendation

By Terry Savage on June 17, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry,

I always enjoy watching your segments WGN!

I was hoping you can point my wife and I in the right direction. We are seeking a good and trustworthy financial advisor with reasonable fees. We get approached by many individuals, but have a tough time discerning. We are in our 40s with two kids. I am a lawyer and my wife is an HR director. We max out our 401ks, have about $350 k sitting in a joint account and I expect another large bonus shortly.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


Terry Says

I’ve solved the problem with making individual recommendations thanks to my now good friend and co-podcaster, Pam Krueger.  She created Wealthramp to solve the problem of finding fee-only, FIDUCIARY financial advisors.  She makes the match, giving you a choice to call.  All of her advisors are trustworthy — and you can interview a couple of them to see if there’s a “click”!

read this:  Pam Krueger Wealthramp – Terry Savage



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