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Financial Advisor recommendation

By Terry Savage on January 29, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My brother and I are working with my sister (66 years, currently employed as a nurse practitioner at a small clinic In Milwaukee) to come up with a plan for her housing and finances. Ideally (we think) she should sell or give up her house and move into an apartment. She is of sound mind but has a history of making poor financial and buying decisions and is in poor health. We don’t know her exact current financial situation but she has admitted having a $30K home equity loan, We don’t know if she also has a mortgage. Nor do we know if she has credit card debt. My sister needs to get some sound advice! What kind of professional should we look for in Milwaukee? My wife and I agreed to pick up the cost if my sister agrees to meet with someone and hopefully follow their advice. Hoping that you have some suggestions!

Terry Says

Good for you for working now to get these things organized, while at least your sister can participate in the process. I know for sure that Pam Kruger of Wealthramp has vetted fee-only fiduciary advisors in the Milwaukee area, because I have asked her about this before.
Please follow this link on my website to get involved in the Wealthramp process. Pam personally supervises the introductions, at no extra cost to you. And please let me know about your experience.

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