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Financial Debt

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2019 |

How do I get out of debt? I’m a senior living on a fixed income. I have lost over $2,000 in income a month due to health, so I have had to live on charge cards . I was paying them okay and then things start to break or need repairs and had to use them more. I’ve applied for loans to pay them off and just have one bill to pay and I was denied. To sell things, like antiques how do you know who you can trust and where to go? I have also looked for employment, but that hasn’t gone to good either. I always say people should stay young because getting old isn’t for whimps!
Thank you for your time

Terry Says

I understand your situation completely.  This is happening to many seniors today — as costs rise and incomes don’t keep up. You need some counseling from someone you can trust.  I wish I could clone myself and help every senior who writes to me!  Instead call the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 800-388-2227.  That will automatically connect you to someone local, whom you can trust.  They can help with your bills and debts.

But here’s really the larger issue — and I wish you had a trusted relative who could help you with this.  Maybe it’s time for a real change of lifestyle. I don’t know anything about your living situation — but this is the time when many seniors decide to move into assisted living — taking  with them only the few possessions they treasure most.  There are reputable companies that can help you with this process.  Please consider it — after you get credit counseling — and please do write back to me and let me know where things stand.

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