Ask Terry Questions financial help for my cancer drug

financial help for my cancer drug

By Terry Savage on June 10, 2013 | Wild Card

I am 70,married,retired and found out 2 months ago i have myloidfybrosis cancer.Otherwise a cancer that affects the blood.Prognosis is poor.Our income is this. wife gets 378.00 from medicare, thats it for her. I receive 4000.00 a month from retirement and social security. I have ins. thru the pipefitters union in Illinois. Both are refusing to pay for a cancer drug (jakiben) I know i mispelled it but it will be 7000.00 amonth.We have no assets. home,savings,etc. we need help now.Financially we do not have that kind of money.Without it, I basically will not last long.Where can we get help or some assitance. Live in Bethalto, Il. I go to BARNES JEWISH HOSPITAL in ST.Louis. Of course a teaching hospital and well known. I really need answers now.

SAVAGE SAYS: This is way out of my territory, but I decided to do a bit of research, and came across this information. There are clinical trials going on for this drug. Here’s a link to the website:?

I hope that you can become part of the trial, and will get the drug (or a placebo) at no cost. It’s worth checking out.

Separately, you need to do some financial planning — NOW. I’m assuming that your wife will get Social Security on your work record. She needs to look into this. And please contact your retirement plan to learn what benefits she will receive if you die. Also, check to find any life insurance policies you might have, probably through your union. It will make you feel better if you know exactly where everything is – – and can plan on how she could go on without you.

And then, after all that planning — maybe the drug will work for you, and prolong your life. That’s worth praying for — and also worth contacting the link above to learn about the trial.




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