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By Terry Savage on October 17, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My wife and I will be retiring soon. Our combined retirement nest egg is 1,100,000. We are looking for a planner that would help us protect our principal but also generate at least 4 percent monthly income. We also do not want to pay large fees and want a fiduciary type planner. HELP!!! j

Terry Says

I have a very easy answer for you — to the question of finding a FIDUCIARY financial planner you can trust.  Go to, and you will be “matched” based on your criteria.  This is not a public site.  Each planner is carefully vetted  by Pam Krueger (you may know her from PBS) who is on a mission to get people help they can trust.  I personally know most of the planners in her Chicago area approved list, and they are all good people.  (I’m assuming you are from Chicago because most questions are generated by my local TV and radio appearances, but there are planners from all over the country in this group.) ALL are fiduciaries –meaning they fully disclose all fees and put your interests first.

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