Ask Terry Questions Financial question about my disabled brother

Financial question about my disabled brother

By Terry Savage on July 05, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My brother is a disabled vet with a 100% disability. He’s 75 years old. I am his financial POA. He does get a pension but it’s so far in debt because of this gambling addiction.
He is now in a nursing home recovering from an injury he received about four months ago. Can we legally set up some type of pre-payment for his funeral? He has funds accumulating in a cash card that he used every month.

Terry Says

Most states allow you to set up a pre-paid funeral plan not counted for Medicaid asset purposes.  But you should do it in conjunction with an elder law attorney who knows the rules of his state of residence.  Read this:

Using a Prepaid Funeral Contract for Medicaid Spend Down (

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