Ask Terry Questions Finding a fee based financial planner

Finding a fee based financial planner

By Terry Savage on October 26, 2018 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I’m looking for a financial advisor that can help my husband and me to make some choices on how to pick things for a new IRA. We are 67 and 68 years old. I’m retired and he’s still working. We also need help in what to do with our annuity IRA. But we are looking for a fee based and maybe one or two time meeting.

Terry Says

I’m so excited about It connects you with a carefully vetted selection of investment advisors who are FIDUCIARIES — putting your interests first, and fully disclosing all fees and costs. Most of them are also FEE-ONLY advisers. Give it a try.

Also, you can search the website of the fee-only financial advisors: (the National Association of Fee Only Advisors) and search geographically. You are right to interview several until you find a good match — and geography isn’t the deciding factor.

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