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Finding a stock broker

By Terry Savage on October 05, 2017 | Financial Planning / Retirement

You had an article about finding a broker. Not just a stock broker but a certified financial planner - a "better" financial advisor, more fiduciary responsibility. I can't remember the correct name. Do they work on a commission now a days? I've not had luck in finding someone. Thank you! Lynn

Terry Says

So first you have to understand your need.  Do you just need someone to recommend stocks -- or give advice on a stock portfolio you already have, perhaps inherited?  Or do you need someone who will advise on a broad range of financial issues -- from your investments, to possible tax strategies, to estate planning (what happens to those stocks, etc when you die), and planning for your retirement years? Don't wander around saying you haven't "had luck" in finding anyone!  You're lucky one of the "bad guys" didn't find you!  Go to to learn more about finding financial advisors, what you should ask, how to check up on them. Then consider the website of "fee-only" certified financial planners who do not charge commissions on the products they sell.  Go to  They are "fiduciaries" in that they do not charge commissions and are required to put your interests ahead of their own.  That should get you off to a better start in your search for a nearby planner -- but be sure to check references they give you!

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