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fixed annuity maturing

By Terry Savage on July 27, 2016 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Fixed annuity maturing 8/4 my husband took care of this ...he has been diagnosed with dementia and I am not sure what I should do with these funds...want to keep it safe not to be too aggressive any ideas? Best regards

Terry Says

Contact your agent, or my annuity expert Jeffrey Oster at 888-655-1035.   A lot depends on your financial situation.  If you take the money out, your gains will be subject to taxes.  Or the annuity company may offer a chance to roll it into another fixed annuity-- with rates likely more attractive than current CD rates.  BUT, it would start a new "surrender" period -- meaning new charges if you need to withdraw the money in the next few years. Now, let me give you some advice you didn't ask for!  Right now, you need some good financial planning advice.  You need to get things in order before your husband passes away -- and before he becomes so incompetent that you have to petition a court for the right to make financial decisions.   That is, you need an estate plan, a healthcare and business power of attorney -- and a trusted and expert financial advisor.  If you'll write back and let me know where you live and whether you have done some or most of these things, I can maybe point you in the right direction.



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