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Fraud protection

By Terry Savage on November 29, 2023 | Wild Card

Terry, my bank accounts were recently hacked by a user with 6 transactions through Remitly for over $3k. I’ve since closed those accounts and opened new ones. I called to dispute the charges and was told by a Remitly agent that someone has my name, phone number, address and email. It appears that the hackers modified my email to create 2 email addresses. I received a spam call requesting verification of my info for an Amazon purchase.
This is a long story & I’m asking for any suggestions to protect me. Further, is there a highly recommended identity alert company (Aura, Lifelock, etc.) It’s scary that someone knows my info.
I’m a avid listener of yours & asking if you can provide me some direction.
Thank you,

Terry Says

Oh, that’s horrible. Did the bank return your money??
Going forward you need to freeze your credit reports so no one can take out new credit. And review the reports to make sure you recongnize all accounts in your name.
Read this:

And use the links to contact all three bureaus for your FREE report.
And also contact the FBI per the article, even if it happened a while ago. They track patterns.



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