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FREE Verizon phones for EVERYONE — a ripoff!

By Terry Savage on June 15, 2022 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

hi Terry, this morning I met my daughter-in-law at the Verizon store in order for me to upgrade my phone which is four years old. I saw the ads on TV everyone gets a new Verizon cell phone all customers new customers all customers. They are such liars. I am on my daughter-in-law‘s business account. In order for me to have a new phone I had to pay $826 over a period of 24 to 36 months even if I had cash to pay today. There were no free phones on my select plan!! They didn’t even try to be nice. We ended up walking out with my old phone. I told them I was going to shop around.. they said goodbye. What is the matter with businesses these days? No one seems to care. I am a young 79, I still volunteer at the hospital every week, I watch my two great grandsons every week, and I do not feel like a tottering old fool who’s being told by Verizon that I can’t have a free phone. What do you think. Thank you Terry

Terry Says

I think it pays to read the fine print! Probably you didn’t get the phone because you get great rates on yoiur daughter’s plan. It’s like the story of the razors and the blades (in the olden days). They gave away the razors because they knew you would keep buying the expensive blades from them!

Good on you for walking out!! This is not strictly a financial question, but I’m posting it because your experience may help others!



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