Ask Terry Questions Funding equestrian hobbies (and Terry adds a charitable request)

Funding equestrian hobbies (and Terry adds a charitable request)

By Terry Savage on July 05, 2024 | Wild Card

Hi Terry-Found out yesterday that you have horses. The equestrian life/new for me. I have decent pay working w/ USEPA past 28yrs. Retiring in 5 yrs. New love for horses. Want at least two on my current land in my retirement. Taking lessons in riding and caring for them now. Helping at stables for lessons, pay for lessons when I can. How do I keep up with this financially now and in the future?

Terry Says

Let me be VERY clear — there is NO WAY to make horses a “financial investment.”   Horses are ALWAYS and forever a losing proposition, when counted in dollars and cents!  That said, done in moderation, they are a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist!   At least, that’s how I’ve always justified owning horses!!

Nothing, outside family, gives me more satisfaction and happiness than spending time with a horse.  I’m glad you are thinking of having horses on your property — but that means you can never leave for more than 8 hours, unless you have a reliable substitute caretaker.  Horses need to be fed on time, 2x a day –not just left out to graze in a pasture.  And there are always costly emergencies.

So think twice about the commitment to having them on your property — and think three times about the cost over a lifetime.  And remember, it is THEIR lifetime that’s a commitment, not yours.  Just because you get too old to shovel stalls or drag bales of hay, you must make a plan to care for them for their  lifetime — which could be 30 years or more.  One of my beloved horses lived to age 33, and received good care til the end!

And if anyone is still reading, too many horses (young and old) find themselves sent to slaughter — in abusive, horrible conditions.  If you’re looking for a non-profit 50l(c)3 to support to rescue these horses here are a few, which I have carefully researched and to which I have made regular contributions:

Colby’s Crew Rescue (

Rocking R Ranch and Rescue Inc. – Main Giving Page (

Gentle Giants (



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