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future assisted living plans

By Terry Savage on October 17, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I had contacted an Elder law for consult on making application for future assisted living.
They are asking for $375.
Are all so expensive ?
I was hoping that I could get a free consult.
Are there any other advocates out there that can help ?
Just Love your so needed advice given to all !

Terry Says

Well, you contacted an attorney, so of course they charge fees — by the minute!  Assuming you’re in the Chicago area, let me give you the name of someone who won’t charge and is very knowledgeable.  Contact Deborah Hart of Montgomery Place by email   She can give you the big picture.  There’s also “A Place for Mom” which you’ve seen advertised by Joan Lunden.  Their website is

Note:  I advise not putting money up in advance of the actual need. But doing the search while you are able is helpful.

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