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Gift to young adults

By Terry Savage on May 19, 2018 | Wild Card

I want to gift young adults but not in cash. What is the best way to do that.

Terry Says

OK, let me see if I'm guessing correctly.  You want to make a gift of monetary value -- but not in cash.  Maybe it's for a wedding gift.   Do you want to gift stocks?  You can easily do that at, where you can gift a specific dollar amount of a specific stock you would like them to have.  Just click on that link and follow instructions; it's really very easy.  They'll send a card you can present. Another more permanent type of gift would be a gold bullion coin, which you could get at a local coin dealer or online. Or if they have children, you could open a 529 college savings account for them. Each state has its own plan, but you can use any state's plan and the children can go to college in any state using the money.  Go to to learn more. I used to recommend savings bonds, but no longer think they're such a good deal because of how the interest is calculated.    Hope those ideas help.  Write back if I didn't guess correctly!



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