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GoBank Card received in mail for my son,

By Terry Savage on July 28, 2020 | Wild Card

Hi Terry, I was listening to your show today and WGN and I just caught the tail end of a discussion about go bank cards arriving in the mail. My son received one last week and I’m thinking it’s a scam is this legit?

Terry Says

DON’T ACTIVATE THAT CARD. But DO freeze your credit report!
This link gives you instructions on how to do that:

(Use the links in this column to all 3 bureaus to freeze your report.)
As well, take a look at your report and focus on “recent inquiries” to see if any banks made an inquiry. That could signal that someone opened a new bank account in your name. Those don’t show up on credit reports, but inquiries do!
Then relax because this is a problem for KeyBank and IDES – but you have no liability. And don’t waste your time trying to report it—because it’s almost impossible to get through their toll-free lines.
As noted at this link — BE SURE to check your credit report for any bank inquiries!!!



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