By Terry Savage on August 07, 2018 | Wild Card

My husband and I are thinking about buying gold and wanted to know if you could recommend a legitimate seller. Also wanted to know if we should keep it or have the seller hold it for us.

Terry Says

There are many ways to buy gold, and I presume you are talking about physical gold in the form of bullion or coins. But first let me say that if you want to speculate on the price of gold you can buy an Exchange Traded Fund, symbol GLD, that tracks the price of gold throughout the day. Then you won’t have issues about purchasing or storage. You can buy those shares through a brokerage firm or online at TD Ameritrade, or Schwab, or Fidelity Discount Brokerage.

When it comes to physical gold, I suggest bullion coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf, since they are easily recognized and will be easy to sell. If you are in Chicago, I always buy my gold coins through Harlan J. Berk, 31 N. Clark St, (312) 609-0016. Or go to the website of the American Numismatic Association — — to find a trusted dealer.

Then IMMEDIATELY take your coins to a secure bank vault. (Or in larger amounts you may arrange to have them shipped directly to your bank for secure storage in your own box.) Do NOT keep the coins at home. If you are buying for an “end of the world” scenario, you will have plenty of time to collect them. And they won’t do you much good in the midst of chaos!



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