Gold IRA

By Terry Savage on June 22, 2023 | Wild Card

Terry how do you feel about gold IRA’s, I am worried about the dollar and this digital currency.

Terry Says

That’s not a good reason to buy gold — at least recently! Despite great concerns about the dollar when the debt ceiling was an issue, gold rose only to $2040, and has dropped back below $1950 an ounce. Very disappointing to those of us who believe gold is the ultimate inflation hedge!
If you want to include a gold mining shares mutual fund in your IRA, you can find them at Fidelity and Vanguard. If you want to buy a stock that “mimics’ the price of gold, use the gold ETF, symbol GLD.
But do not fall for those late night TV pitches telling you to switch your IRA entirely to gold. The only one who will make money on those deals are the promoters!!



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