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Gold needed,?

By Terry Savage on July 07, 2024 | Investments

Good afternoon Terry.
I’ve been trying to figure out how to purchase Gold or is a Gold Stock as Good as having Gold in hand??
Waiting Your Reply Terry & Thank U for your time in this matter.

Terry Says

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m just catching up.  If you want to buy gold bullion coins, or wafers, I do not suggest you keep them “in hand.”  Or in your house!  That’s just asking for trouble.  Keep those items in a safe deposit box in a bank.

You can buy gold stocks, or gold mutual funds through your broker, and even inside your IRA account.  And many pay dividends.

As a starter, you might enjoy reading this article:  How To Buy Gold As An Investment: 5 Ways In July 2024 (



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