Ask Terry Questions Gold/Silver IRA’s

Gold/Silver IRA’s

By Terry Savage on August 28, 2014 | Investments

What are your thoughts about Gold / Silver IRA’s (i.e. physical gold and silver)? I’m considering moving 4% of my current IRA assets to gold and 4% to silver.

Terry Says:  Well, if it’s in your IRA, you should do it through stocks, or a gold ETF (symbol:  GLD), or through a mutual fund such as the U.S. Global Investors gold fund (800-US-FUNDS).   If you buy precious metals in an IRA, you need a special custodian to hold the metal, either bullion or coins. and they charge storage fees, which can eat into your profits  Search my archives at for an article I wrote last spring explaining how to buy real estate or bullion inside an IRA.



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