Ask Terry Questions Good lawyer for modest estate plan

Good lawyer for modest estate plan

By Terry Savage on December 14, 2014 | Wild Card

Can you recommend a lawyer to design an estate plan for me? I remember several years ago, one estate planning lawyer spoke at a seminar at the Chicago Public Library during a conference you held on money management. Thanks.

Terry Says:   Yes, I will do that — but everyone reading this should remember that you need an estate planning attorney, a specialist, in your state of residence!  You can do that inv rious databases. One of the most comprehensive is put up by the National Association of Estate Planning Councils ( and you can search this list by state or zpcode, by clicking the highlighted link.

In the Chicago area, I have always recommended Janna Dutton.  You can learn more about her at or call her at 312-899-0950.  Mention my name, or not, as I get nothing out of this.  Her fees are very reasonable if things aren’t complicated.    I had her do my mother’s estate plan and that of my best friend.  What better recommendation can I give than to put my money where my mouth is!



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