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Governor speech

By Terry Savage on February 17, 2016 | Wild Card

Terry, Not a question but just wanted to say that I agreed with your thoughts on Governor Rauners Speech! I can’t figure out how people have not figured out that this has taken a long time to get in such terrible shape and those people( republican or democrat) have to go! We can’t keep doing what we are doing. I have several friends that will lose their jobs at the end of the month because of budget impasse. I am from Peoria and can see Caterpillar leaving the state little by little over the past few years! We better get this right this time. Keep up the good work!

Terry Says:  Thanks so much.  I know I went out on a limb — past money and into politics.  But it really IS all about money — what does and doesn’t work to keep our state growing, paying the bills, and keeping its promises.   Now let’s all tell Springfield (all of them) !   Thanks for writing!



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