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grad gift of stock

By Terry Savage on June 18, 2016 | Investments

What stocks would you suggest this month as a graduation gift?

Terry Says:  I have a GREAT solution to that question.  Go to www.Stockpile.com and purchase a gift card, or multiple cards.  You put the cost on your credit card (for a fee) and the card is either mailed to you or emailed to the recipient, who can cash it in for the stock you have named (or change it to another major company’s stock).    You can choose from the most popular large company stocks, or even ETFs that replicate the S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and gold.

It’s easy to do — and a great learning experience for the graduate, who “cashes in” the card at Stockpile, in the process opening an account.  He can buy more shares for only 99 cents a trade.  Their website will explain how easy it is to get started.  (The cards are even sold in some major retailers.)



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