Ask Terry Questions Grants small business- COVID-19

Grants small business- COVID-19

By Terry Savage on April 13, 2023 | Wild Card

My husband & I ( both seniors) have a small business in Chicago for over 30years. We are a tavern and we have had a financial crisis due to the lock downs, limited hours etc. we did get a small business loan that is now due. I was told that we can apply for grants, which I did today. The company is asking for a monthly subscription of $25. Is this ligit or a scam. If you can help us we would appreciate it.

Terry Says

I don’t know who you are working with, or what type of loan you took out. And I have no idea what this “subscription” fee would be.
May I suggest you contact Wintrust — not only our radio sponsor, but the most responsive bank in town. If you need a contact, Please write back to the email you receive that notifies you your question has been answered.



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