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Having coin collection appraised

By Terry Savage on February 12, 2019 | Wild Card

Hi Terry,

I have inherited a rather large coin collection and have little interest in it, other than to have it appraised and sold.

Can you advise what things I should be looking for (and avoiding) when finding a “coin collection appraiser service? My preference would be to have the appraisal done in my home, so as not to be toting around boxes of coins and leaving them with a perfect stranger. I am more than willing to pay someone for their service, but don’t want to get taken.


Mark S.

Terry Says

This is a question I have answered frequently — because it is such a blind item.  If there is one “rare” coin in a collection, it could be worth more than all of them put together.  But you wouldn’t know if an appraiser slipped it out of the box!

If you’re in Chicago I always recommend Bob Greenstein at Harlan J. Berk in the loop on Clark Street.  Their number is 312-609-0016.

If you’re not in Chicago, I recommend you go to, the website of the American Numismatic Association, where you can search for a member coin dealer near you.



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