Ask Terry Questions Help Buying a Small business

Help Buying a Small business

By Terry Savage on March 08, 2020 | Wild Card

Hello Terry, I am trying to buy a small business. Where can I find a lawyer and a tax person who can review the numbers, and make sure everything that is being sold to me is sincere? Also, what type of LLC should I get in order to save more money on taxes for the business, Thanks.

Terry Says

Wow, this is a tough one. I’m thinking that you need someone very sophisticated to guide you. Your first step should be to contact the division of the Small Business Administration that is set up to provide this kind of advice. It’s called SCORE — the Service Corps of Small Business Experts, and consists of retired and experienced business experts. Here’s the link to the site you need.

In addition to advice, they can also connect you with professionals in accounting and legal to help you through this potential deal.



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