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Help Please

By Terry Savage on December 25, 2019 | Wild Card

I am A single mother who is only income is disabilities . Destitute I made a mistake taking a sum from TitleMax with outrageous. The junk they some used as collateral which do not know where it is. It was towed as a junk (19years old). The firm that towed it will not talk to me and they said

They did not have my car. Meanwhile I have to pay TitleMax, Iarge amount.Is there amount I can pay them vs. what they say?

Terry Says

Oh that’s a terrible message to see on Christmas Day! Do you have any paperwork from TitleMax with an account number? Perhaps one of the bills they sent you? And where did you buy the car? Do you have that paperwork? See if you have that info and then send it in an email
To And include your phone number. I’ll call you tomorrow and see what help I can give you. Peace.



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