Ask Terry Questions Helping daughter save and plan to buy house

Helping daughter save and plan to buy house

By Terry Savage on May 18, 2018 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Who is a good choice to help with balancing financial plans? An investment company or someone at a bank? This is for someone who is 33. Thank you

Terry Says

Probably neither!  Even the person at the bank is a commissioned salesperson -- and only make money when they sell you something!   I'll give you a few other choices. If your daughter is 33 and already in debt, and needs to get out of debt to build a future, -- or if she doesn't have any idea where her money is going, call the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.  This non-profit, free (or very low cost) service can help her understand how to make a budget and pay down existing debt. If she is working, has a nice income and needs to understand the balance between investing in her retirement plan,and saving for a down payment (if that's her goal, not yours) then you might be ready for a FEE-ONLY financial planner.  To find one near you, who is willing to start with a young person and help her build her financial future -- go to -- the website of fee-only financial planners.

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