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HH Bond Redemption Time Frame

By Terry Savage on August 05, 2022 | Chicken Money

Hello Terry, I have a matured $5K series HH bond that I sent into for redeption along with Form FS1522 which had the needed signature medallion. The form was made out to place the funds by direct deposit to my checking account with account number and routing provided. The bond and forms was delivered to the Treasury PO Box in Minneapolis on July 11. I thought I would have received payment or heard something by now, but there has been nothing coming my way. Do you know the expected time frame to process this type of bond redemption? The discussion on your WGN show today lead me to think the customer service at Treasury has been lacking.

Terry Says

Yes, I think Treasury has been overwhelmed by the interest in I-bonds. Do me a favor and wait another month and write back to me if you don’t have the direct deposit. Let’s give them a bit longer to get this sorted out.



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