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high interest rate loans

By Terry Savage on December 22, 2015 | Wild Card

I live in Lansing, Il. I obtained an loan in May 2013 in the amount of 2,525.00 the interest rate was 139.12 % from western sky in South Dakota. I have paid 300.00 each month since may 2013. I have paid them over 9,000.00. I received a notice 12/18/15 stating the loan is paid in full. I think I heard there may be a way that I can receive some of that money back due to the high interest rates.

Terry Says:  Oh my goodness.  I hope you misplaced a decimal point on that interest rate!  I could contact Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office with all the information you have on the loan.   Click here for a link to her office and the ways you can contact them.



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