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Home proceeds

By Terry Savage on August 19, 2019 | Chicken Money

Have listened to you since the days of Channel 26 in Chicago.
We just sold our house and now renting .
Have 200,000 from sale.
Your advice for safely investing?
We have SS , IRA for income now. Fixed income, little savings.

Terry Says

Unless I’m guessing wrong, you don’t want to lose ANY of this money.  (Of course, inflation will take a bit out of your buying power in coming years.  Even just 3 percent annual inflation will cut your spending power in half in 25 years. But since you also have an IRA, I’m guessing that you do have some exposure to the stock market, which will offset inflation over the long run!

If you’ve been watching me since my Channel 26 days (!) in the seventies, I’m guessing you’re at a stage of life where you don’t want to lose ANY of this money from the sale of your home.  So I will tell you what I advised my parents — and even in hindsight with the great bull market — I would advise this again:  Just put it in bank CDs or learn how to buy U.S. Treasury Bills from this article. 



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