Ask Terry Questions House Caught in Divorce Battle

House Caught in Divorce Battle

By Terry Savage on December 13, 2018 | Wild Card

Son separated wife took all money Home mortgage in his name. Title both names. She refuses to pay living in home but plans on squatting there. Right now he cannot pay both mortgage and rent business slow. What can he do with mortgage co to keep his credit score up for the future. And avoid a foreclosure. She admitted she will let home go to foreclosure. To ruin him.

Terry Says

He needs a good divorce lawyer FAST!   Is he in the Chicago area?  If so, write back and I will give you some recommendations.  If not, check the local bar association.  There are certainly legal steps he can take to solve this issue.  For example, if his name is on the title he has the RIGHT to live in the home — and shouldn’t move out and be paying rent!  It will be horrible — for her, as well as for him.  But that’s the first step to speeding things up!  A good lawyer will know what to do immediately.



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