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House needs fixing husband won’t pay, won’t sell — help!

By Terry Savage on November 24, 2015 | Financial Planning / Retirement

We own a home around built around 1984, 2,900 sq. ft. We pay 7.5% interest (we had bad credit when we bought the house 13 years ago). My husband is 73-/12 still working. He has no desire to fix the necessary things to update the home, nor any plans to. It is falling apart around my head. He refuses to consider hiring anyone. His income is approx 96,000/yr + he receives 3,000/month in Social Security money. How can I convince him we need to fix our home up and downsize, at least until we decide where we would retire?

Terry Says:  Oh gosh, I’m ok with financial advice, but demonstrably not good at marital advice.  So here goes:  Threaten to leave him!  Move out!  Move in with an adult child, or take a room in a senior’s residence.   You are entitled to a good hunk of his income, and his Social Security.  Maybe he will join you.  Tell him that would be cheaper than either the repairs or the cost of his own divorce attorney.  Well, you asked!

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